About us

What is VarietyFab?

VarietyFab is a privately owned stock photography agency launched in 2017. Headquarter is based in Denmark and all pictures and vectors are created by photographer and graphic designer, Kasper Nymann. Most of the VarietyFab pictures have a Scandinavian look to it and is often used by companys and organizations from the nordic countries.

How it works

VarietyFab offers over 500 photos and illustrations with 4 different licenses. The Premium license is for re-sell and gives you license to create physical products like posters, calendars, t-shirts and practically anything you can imagine. It also covers all the other licenses. The Commercial license covers any use where you gain profit, like ads, webshops and company webshops. The Editorial license is for non-profit organisations, newspapers and magasines to be used in the body of the articles or texts, accompanying and/or illustrating them. The Personal license is for private blogs, websites and social media where no profit is gained.